The ingredients we use for Glacier Gin have been carefully selected to ensure high quality and delicious taste. Each ingredient has an important purpose in what is Glacier Gin.

Juniper Berries




The Juniper berries give Glacier Gin that "gin" flavor.
Bergamot adds to the freshness of Glacier Gin.
The Lemon peel represents the sunny summer nights of Iceland

Coriander Seeds

The Coriander Seeds add a little spice to Glacier Gin and they represent the volcanoes in Iceland. 
The Dandelion flower is the ingredient that ties everything perfectly together. This beautiful flower grows by the glaciers during Icelandic summers.

The Main Ingredient

The Icelandic water is one of the cleanest and purest water in the world. The water that is used in Glacier Gin has been calmly filtering through lava for the last centuries. The water has a natural high pH value that is ideal for creating a pure Gin. 


China Wine and Spirit Awards 2019

Gold Award

Asia International Spirits Awards 2019

Silver Award

Gold Medal: Iceland Distillery of the Year


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